ALWAYS the way to go your way

I miss a lots.....thanks(T△T*)

I miss you...
I miss your sterting I could see almose everyday.
I remember you cried in that special good-bye party.
I didn't want to go back,,,, I had to do, you know?

Probabry, I might like you, but I couldn't say anything about that.
Maybe, I guess you don't notice my feeling.
Of course, we are friend.

I cried there nobody see me during think of you.
You won't say anymore
..."Hey, N. How are you doing. Anyway where is A?"
..."Hey, N-shi! What are you doing??"
..."Hey, N-shi."

I don't wanna you are sad for our leaving.
You are always skirting anywhere with happy.
I like to see that of your face, so NOT BE SAD.
I will cry for a long time to remember you guys...
,but we have to process our way.

I also have to say just good-bye.
and, hopely, I wanna meet you guys again.
Then let's do party with fun without sad:D

Thank you guys
Have fun in your life

I wish I will be with you guys:)