ALWAYS the way to go your way


I remembered the scean in TDL which we enjoyed in world of funs and oceans of funs 2 month ago. Though I am in here, no one of them is ih here. I know it takes in granted there are no one of them...that is over...forever. It is sure not to be the same situation. Live my life in here. I know, really. I will be weak for mental, physical, gradually. Why? You know, I am a same person before 5 month, also after 5 month. It is 1st reason. Next reason is I am very changeable such as the person who will be strong with the friends have strong mental. You may say it is not adapt the meaning, but it is I am though I do not wanna believe.
That is why I did not wanna leave there, Warrensburg.I miss a lot you guys still in there.

I write this memory when I was alone in TDL for what I was angry to my family because they said they cannot listen my voice tortally.

What a f*ckin thing?!